Season 1: "Impostor Syndrome"

It's "Business Therapy" — raw, authentic conversations revealing the complexities of leadership.

Explore what the voice of a true leader sounds like.
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If you could leave one message behind with the world long after you’re gone, what would it be?

At Voice of a Leader, a signature podcast by Brand of a Leader, we explore the answers to that profound question through the voices of today's preeminent entrepreneurs and leaders. Worldwide.

Each episode dives deep into their stories, journeys, and insights, uncovering the "why" behind their ambition, the challenges they've overcome, and the wisdom they've gained.

Here's what you can expect:  

  • Deep dives into the lives of international thought-leaders

  • Personal stories on overcoming adversity on the path to success

  • Lessons in entrepreneurship & scaling profitable businesses

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"When you have a personal brand, you have an opportunity to inspire people and make an impact at scale."

  • Why personal branding matters for CEOs and entrepreneurs.
  • How to navigate self-marketing in a way that feels authentic.
  • The mission behind Brand of a Leader & how
  • Imposter Syndrome and the power of belief
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A select list of those who have inspired us on past edpisodes.

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