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Episode #1 Marina Byezhanova: Radical Authenticity & Personal Branding

Season #1

Marina Byezhanova is an entrepreneur, global speaker, and co-founder of Brand of a Leader, the world’s leading personal branding agency for GenX CEOs.

In this inaugural episode, Marina shares the founding history of Brand of a Leader, the company’s true mission, and the impact she aspires to make on the entrepreneurial world through personal branding. The episode explores the essence of impostor syndrome, starting a business during a global pandemic, and how personal branding and being authentic can be a powerful tool to overcoming imposter syndrome.

Sound Bites
"When you have a personal brand, you have an opportunity to inspire people and make an impact at scale."
"When you have a strong recognizability of your name and people are following you for you, they follow along with pivots."
"Being radically authentic is what breeds connection and formulates trust."
"Their positive spin on imposter syndrome."
"Stand out, speak up and be radically authentic."
"You go first, the universe follows."

00:00 Introduction and Mission of Brand of a Leader
03:20 The Importance of Personal Branding
08:53 Working with Gen X CEOs and Navigating Self-Marketing
25:15 Imposter Syndrome and the Power of Belief
29:16 Introduction to Imposter Syndrome
38:25 The Role of Personal Branding
45:13 The Power of Visualization and the Universe