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Article in Entrepreneur Magazine: 5 Steps for Coaches to Build an Effective Personal Brand and Stand Out in a Crowded Market

coach personal branding Nov 29, 2022

The coaching industry is growing exponentially across the globe. According to ICF, the size of the coaching industry can be estimated at over $2B USD already. Such interest is not surprising, as coaching is directly tied to clients' growth, with studies measuring coaching as producing 200-500% ROI and a survey of 100 executives showing that the average ROI of executive coaching was nearly 600% of its cost.

As a coach, you are certainly glad to see such growing interest in coaching and the validation of the value your line of work brings. 1.5 million searches are made every month by people and companies looking for life coaches, business coaches and executive coaches. And yet with growth in demand, there is certainly an exponential growth in supply.

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