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Feature in Entrepreneur Magazine: How to Build a Personal Brand in 5 Steps

personal branding social media Aug 26, 2022

I once heard a saying that hit me hard. It goes like this: "We all die twice: the first time when we take our last breath and the second time when our names are said for the last time." Powerful, right?

It made me think of personal branding. First of all, most things make me think of personal branding because I own a personal branding agency, but there's also another reason. You see, personal branding is becoming a buzz concept of sorts, with many people fearing that it's simply a fad. To me, however, personal branding is about much more than  likes or selfie videos or a follower count. To me, personal branding is a powerful tool that allows us to build equity in our names. And what, if not our names, stays with us forever, until our last day and perhaps even beyond?

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