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Article in Entrepreneur Magazine: The 5 Steps I Took to Become a Paid Public Speaker

personal brand public speaking visibility Sep 06, 2022

 is a great platform for building your personal brand. It builds credibility, allows you to gain exposure and gives you content that can be repurposed for your social media platforms. Most entrepreneurs I meet have inspiring stories to share and deeply valuable lessons to teach, and yet most hesitate to put themselves out into the public eye.

There's no doubt that public speaking is intimidating and anecdotally tops the list of most people's biggest fears. And I can relate: My own journey towards building my personal brand through paid public speaking did not follow a linear upward-trending path. After one of my first talks, a fellow business owner even told me that public speaking was not my thing and to give it up.

Well, I didn't give up — and although I still have a lot to learn and much to improve, I want to share with you my biggest learnings along the way. 

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