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Are you feeling fulfilled?

growth impact personalbrand Feb 02, 2021

Last week I wrote a post about mental health on LinkedIn and it got more likes, comments & DMs than I had in a long time.

As people started reaching out and connecting, I noticed a trend:

Beyond our search for normalcy there is a prevailing search for identity. As we are in yet another lockdown, we seem to be trying to unlock the true essence of what makes us who we are. While our social calendars remain unfilled, we catch ourselves wondering why we are suddenly feeling unfulfilled...professionally.

Are you feeling it also?
You’re not alone.

Every month the pandemic continues, I have more and more people tell me that they want their work to have purpose. To feel that their work has a true meaning. And that they are not feeling any of it in their current jobs.

As we stopped the rat race for a brief moment, we caught ourselves re-evaluating, questioning, and critiquing all that was a normal routine on this exact day a year ago.

Today, it sounds like this:

"I am successful. I am safe in my job. I feel guilty to even say this. But I am just not happy at work. I don’t feel fulfilled. And I feel that I should be doing something else. I just don’t know what. I don’t even know why I’m feeling like this."

I have been working with executives and with entrepreneurs in search of clarity. I have been inspired watching them find the meaning in their work. Working through pivots. Dreaming of a bigger vision. Reconnecting with core values. Finding a voice. And putting it to use in a meaningful way.

Is it time for you to find fulfilment? Let’s chat.



Marina Byezhanova is the co-founder of Brand of a Leader. She has given talks across the globe & has been featured in media outlets including Forbes, Inc., Success Magazine, Yahoo!, the Financial Post & more. 



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