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How to Write a Compelling LinkedIn Post

socialmedia thoughtleadership Jun 06, 2022
Contributed by Chase Fitzgerald


 LinkedIn: one of the most powerful yet still misunderstood social media platforms out there.

If you’re in the business world, you might relate: LinkedIn perhaps has seemed like a “natural” and interesting platform for your message, so you’ve thought about it - but figuring out what to say and how to say it might be a challenge. It’s something we hear almost daily from existing and prospective clients at Brand of a Leader: entrepreneurs are excited about being active on LinkedIn but feel unsure where to start.

What makes LinkedIn such a particularly “tricky” platform to leverage? We’ll explain - but before we do, let’s look at some numbers.

With over 830M members, LinkedIn may not be the largest social network out there, but it is unquestionably the hub for business thinkers, career-oriented experts and job seekers alike. While it might feel crowded, from a content and thought leadership perspective, the numbers tell a different story: approximately 250M members create content on LinkedIn, and less than 1% of users post 1 piece of content each week. If 3M users net the 9B impressions generated annually on LinkedIn, then a tiny portion of people actually doing it are benefiting way more than a platform has ever allowed them to.

As an entrepreneur, here is what it means for you: if you are curious about LinkedIn, or can see yourself building content on LinkedIn to reach an audience that matters to you, the opportunity is now.

Even though LinkedIn has been around for nearly 20 years, it remains very much in a “nascent'' stage for those creating content. Right now, organic content (unsupported by paid ads) is peaking in its impressions, reach and visibility (written posts on LinkedIn actually get 2X the visibility than paid media elements like job postings or advertisements).

Whether you’re looking to engage prospective customers, generate visibility to boost your company’s valuation or inspire people in your community, LinkedIn has something to offer you.

Once you figure out “what” you’re going to be writing about (your “content pillars”), writing short posts is the next step - and that’s where we’ve seen entrepreneurs and leaders absolutely thrive on LinkedIn in a short time.

Here are 5 foundational tips to create brilliant, engaging LinkedIn content: 


#1 Write a stellar opening line

This is the single most important part of your post. Like the first line in a book or the opening scene of a movie, if it isn’t captivating, your audience won’t stick around. In fact, 95% of people don’t read past the first sentence. In order to craft an attention grabber, start with a unique insight, declarative sentence or even thought-provoking question. As long as it’s bold and short, readers will be more likely to click “read more.” 

#2 Choose a topic you know

At Brand of a Leader, we’re strong believers in speaking when you have something to say instead of speaking just for the sake of it - which applies directly to writing for LinkedIn. The easiest way to be authentic is to write about what you know and remain in that “lane.” While your expertise matters, your voice matters more: you don’t need to be a “global expert” in a given field; coupling your expertise with your unique take-aways. Don’t be prescriptive; share your thoughts and others will relate.

#3 Wrap it in a real story

This point goes hand-in-hand with being authentic. By providing a specific example driven by storytelling, you’re not only backing up the message you’re trying to convey but you’re making it relatable. It’s an opportunity to bond with your audience so they learn about you and feel comfortable opening up back to you. It’s a win-win situation - but it takes a story to create that moment. Storytelling is the oldest form of communication for a reason: it pulls at our heartstrings, humanizes us, and makes us feel more approachable to all who engage with us.

#4 Have a visual aid

How does the old saying go? A picture is worth a thousand words? In this case, it’s so true. In fact, LinkedIn posts with images will receive 2 times the engagement than posts that go without. LinkedIn’s algorithm will reward posts that include images - so be sure to include them from a technical perspective. From a storytelling perspective, images can elevate your post’s narrative, catch a potential reader’s attention and even provide more depth to what you’re talking about.

#5 Encourage conversation

If your posts don’t offer something new, provocative or interesting, you won’t stand out. Try to be as conversational as possible by asking questions and encouraging people to respond in the comments. They don’t have to be soul-spilling questions but just intriguing enough for others to share their own opinions or experiences.

LinkedIn is just one medium to convey what matters most: your authentic voice that can resonate, impact and inspire others.

Have more questions about creating content for LinkedIn? Reach out to our team to chat about how to leverage LinkedIn for your personal brand!



Chase Fitzgerald is a Toronto-born, Halifax-based Content Writer at Brand of a Leader.


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