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Voice of a Leader, the Official Brand of a Leader Podcast, is Launched!

authenticity entrepreneurship impostor syndrome personal branding podcast Jul 09, 2024

By Alanna Fairey

The day has come: our podcast “The Voice of a Leader” has launched, and our first episode is now live!

Hosted by media personality, actress and singer-songwriter Lanisa Farnsworth, the Voice of a Leader podcast was born out of a desire for connection and deep conversations with inspiring thought leaders.

Each episode explores our esteemed guests’ stories, journeys, and insights, revealing the motivation behind their ambition, the challenges they’ve faced, and the wisdom they’ve gained. What can you expect from these podcast episodes? Some candid conversations that will uncover the true complexities of leadership and inspire you to reach your potential.

While I won’t spoil who our future guests are (they’re all super impressive and have amazing stories to share), I can tell you who is going to be starring in our inaugural episode: our very own Marina Byezhanova.

Marina, who is no stranger to guest starring on podcasts, kicks off our first episode by sharing the growth and mission of Brand of a Leader, the importance of personal branding for business success and career portability and a deep dive on the complex nature of Imposter Syndrome.

Something I’ve come to discover from working at Brand of a Leader is that we all feel Imposter Syndrome, at one point or another, no matter who we are. Very similarly to Marina, I had always thought that once you reach a certain level of success in your career, that feeling magically goes away. And that’s simply not the case. If anything, the Imposter Syndrome often intensifies in direct proportion with success.

This realization serves as the catalyst for this season’s theme of Imposter Syndrome. 

“How incredible would it be to interview these remarkably successful people?” Marina reflects in a sneak peek of this new podcast episode. “You've seen the people that we have lined up as guests and have them own up to the fact that they experienced imposter syndrome and then unpack, ‘well, what does it really mean? Is it always negative, or are there lessons to be learned from it?

Marina concludes: “Instead of suppressing it, sometimes we lean into [Imposter Syndrome] as well.”

Is your interest piqued yet? Give the episode a listen here

Alanna Fairey is a Client Engagement Specialist at Brand of a Leader. To speak with us about building your personal brand, click here.

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